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As a professional singer, instrumentalist and songwriter (Ole) for TV, film and artists, Rebecca has traveled extensively across North America (Nashville, LA, New York) and Europe (Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, London, Sweden, Paris) writing and performing. Her new release and third record Seven Shades is dark, moody, melodic rock n roll with Rebecca's captivating vocals leading the way. The Dead Ringers include, James Robertson (guitar), Tyler Quint (bass), Paul Braunstein (drums) and Neil Quin (keys).



"This indie-rock noir goddess has entranced me with her beguiling sounds.

Mix a little rockabilly with Portishead and The Doors and add a female singer with some serious moxie.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!" A Little Bit of Sol


"Torontonian Rebecca Everett might not be auditioning her song for the reboot of Twin Peaks but “Sting Of A Kiss” sounds like it should be placed in their somewhere. “Sting Of A Kiss” creates a mood of desolation, obsession and loneliness….frankly she scares me….and I like it." Lets not Get Carried Away


"So Sam Smith got the James Bond theme tune gig – I can only assume that they didn’t hear this first or he’d have been out on his arse.  A sultry storm-cloud of tune, that would sit comfortably on a Portishead / Winehouse album. Fantastic." Honey and Bile


"The lead track is “Sting of a Kiss”. The song with its brooding, smokey, bluesy sound, has a suspenseful, cinematic quality a la Timber Timbre. It’s a song that would be perfect in either a future James Bond film This track is absolutely intoxicating." The Revue


"Chills! Neko Case and Bjork's love child... in a Tarantino film, melting my face off." Amber Edgar 

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