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review by Insomnia Radio

Victoria, BC artist Rebecca Everett is on the verge of releasing her album “Seven Shades” in a few short days on October 2nd.

The newly released single “Sting of a Kiss” is a beautiful effort that conjures up a nice dose of stylized noir imagery from the 40s and 50s, with a subtle hint of mystery evoked by the reverb drenched guitar-work. The vocals are very passionate and the emotions are laid out in the powerful lyrics, creating quite an exciting first effort.

The artist had the following to say about the creation of the forthcoming album:

“It’s doubtful that any of this album could exist without periods of the obscurity and loss of faith, for we have to let our former stage of faith die to move onto the next. I think the fear of death arises because we have been programmed to believe we are an object. The creation of this album came from being in a space between loss and faith, a meditation that brings deep, dark hidden mysteries up to the surface to look at. The album describes and shows my struggles with these and other ideologies. “

If you are in Toronto Canada on October 3rd, you can check out and support her at the Record Release Party at GAS (Gerrard Art Space).



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