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Rebecca Everett Bio

FilmTV and Songwriting Highlights

Composition and Bespoke songs for Film

“This indie-rock noir goddess has entranced me with her beguiling sounds. Mix a little rockabilly with Portishead and The Doors and add a female singer with some serious moxie.”

A Little Bit of Sol

Rebecca is currently composing and recording for TV, film, theatre, records and performing in Toronto and internationally

Victoria bred and Toronto-based musical artist Rebecca Everett has a keen melodic sense, which is ideal for a working songwriter and composer. Bespoke songs crafted for scenes in film along with her orchestral background and cinematic feel is a perfect match for her songwriting and composition sensibility

Since her relocation to Toronto she’s been busy co-writing and was an in-house writer for OLE. She collaborated with many different writers in Canada, the US and Europe. Some highlights are the radio single ‘I Remember’ on Shiloh’s JUNO nominated album ‘Picture Imperfect’ and a song on Jimmy Rankin’s, Forget About the World (JUNO nomination). Rebecca’s songs have turned up on TV with placements on Katy Keene, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Lost Girl, CH Live, CBC and Next Star and on many upcoming film releases


Her most recent award was being granted a Residency with the Slaight Music Residency at the prestigious Canadian Film Centre for 2016 - 2017. The residency was a micro-lab of songwriting and composing for films by Canada's top, upcoming directors, producers and writers


"Rebecca Everett is a proven songwriter with a unique talent to sing and deliver a performance that captivates and penetrates the heart and soul of life"


- Roman Klun (Sarah McLaughlin, Levon Helm, Ornette Coleman)


Rebecca recently released her third swampy rock n roll EP, Seven Shades to numerous, glowing reviews. FACTOR also appreciated the album and provided financial support for Rebecca Everett and the Dead Ringers to travel to SXSW in Austin, TX and perform


iSpy – another Rebecca Everett project, received a recording grant from FACTOR for a short film showcasing their original work.  Rebecca is the singer and songwriter for this playful, 5 piece vintage swing, jazz-manouche inspired band. iSpy has residencies at the Cameron House and Castro's Lounge and plays frequently in and around Toronto


Rebecca's eclectic experience as professional violinist, singer and multi-instrumentalist has brought a rich tapestry of sound in diaspora of genres to her songwriting and compositions 


2020 Marlene - Calgary Film Fest

2020 Swimmers - Inside Out Fest

2020 The Problem with Lady Werewolves Hexploitation Film Fest, Deep Cut Film Fest, Calgary Underground Film Fest

2019 Soft Spot - Inside Out LGBTQ Film Fest, North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Fest      

2018 Christmas Green - Austin Film Fest, Edmonton Film Fest, Canadian Film Fest 

2017 Hard Luck - Toronto Shorts International Film Fest

2017 Nobody Famous - Whistler Film Festival world premiere

2017/2016 Canadian Film Centre Slaight Residency

2016 FACTOR grant to record iSpy

2016 participant SXSW in Austin, TX – FACTOR grant funded

2015 Seven Shades record release - TAC grant

2011 release of record YoYo produced by Roman Klun

2009 Ole release of EP Emergency


Christmas Mubarak is a Farsi film by Without a Flock, I co-composed the score on along with Spencer Creaghan. The World Premiere is coming up at 9pm July 26, 27th. Catch it on FCC.FILM/Watch-Nook!

Have You Seen Katy Keene?

A song I co-wrote, Run Away With Me is featured on Katy Keene, a Riverdale spinoff by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Sabrina, Glee, Supergirl) & Michael Grassi (Riverdale, Supergirl, Lost Girl, Degrassi, Schitts Creek). She is America’s Queen of pin-up and fashion from the Archie comics and which is right up my alley! It's airing on CW. I have to make note that I also have songs on Michael Grassi's shows Lost Girl and Degrassi...starting to feel like part of the family :)


I'm happy to say that a song I wrote called Arrow and performed with my band iSpy is in a weird and wonderful film by Director Chris Ross of Dark Pale Pics and at 2 festivals Hexploitation Film Fest and Deep Cut Film Fest. Nice way to kick off 2020!


More news for Christmas Green the short I composed for Without a Flock and directed by Clare Altima; it made it into the Edmonton Film Festival 2019, an Academy Awards qualifying festival for the Oscars! 


Yay team Without a Flock! The film I co-composed on Soft Spot, won Best Canadian Short at the Inside Out LGBTQ Festival 2019

Soft Spot also made it into the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2019!

If you've been following some of the films I've been composing on, Samanthology made it into Jelly Film Fest 2019

More great news for Christmas Green, it's in the Canadian Film Festival 2019!

Great news! Christmas Green, a film I just composed on is in the Austin Film Fest this year. A beautiful two-hander short about loneliness, friendship and Weed, with Canada's own Sheila McCarthy and Alan Catlin, written and directed by Clara Altima and produced by Without a Flock

Christmas Green is one film in an Anthology of Christmas films I composed on for Without a Flock. Full release date TBA 2019


A new feature film by Alex Kaju, called We Came Here to Wreck Everything will be featuring a piece I wrote. Release date TBA

The Blyth Theatre Festival presents Judith - The Story of a Lady Pig Farmer. I'll be hanging out doing Sound Design in Blyth, ON this June 2018 for this ambitious and exciting new theatre show. 1st time writer and accomplished director Heather Davies and Canadian rocker, Murray Foster from Great Big Sea and Moxy Fruvous have written some country-folk tunes for the show

​I just finished composing on an anthology by Without a Flock media called Samanthology, it is a culmination of 9 short films co-composed by a group of five composers; Rebecca Everett, Spencer Creaghan, Neil Haverty, Aimee Bessada & Chris Reineck and blended together to create a feature film

I'm proud to be a part of and composed for Blackout Media's UR Enough campaignThe UR Enough campaign shares the personal truths of fifteen individuals in Toronto from different age groups, backgrounds, experiences and opinions. Speaking their truths on mental wellness, vulnerability, and self-love, their stories and struggles share a common theme. The campaign was launched this Valentines Day, 2018

Just finished a song for CBC series, How to Buy a Baby

Film highlights


Film Demo Reel

CBC How to Buy a Baby

TV - Songwriting Reel


Short Film - Untethered by Rebecca Everett

with throat singers Althaya Solomon and Echo Henoche

UR Enough Campaign

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 2.43.01 PM.png

Christmas Green

Samanthology - Composer- Everett.png

Songwriting highlights


Lindy Vjopnfjord
Single 2017
The Foreign Films
Rebecca Everett
& the Dead Ringers
Jimmy Rankin
Juno Nominated
Juno Nominated Record
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